Shanghai Shunky Mobile Crushing Station Walks to the City Village Demolition Site in Zhengzhou, Henan

Time:2015-3-5 20:15:18         Num:1376

To adapt to the development of Central Plains Economic Zone, Zhengzhou needs to reconstruct and expand the urban area, to improve its overall image as the city center of Henan. All the city villages need to be demolished. Since 2012, the transformation of city villages has started in the whole Zhenghzou city. Henan Province has launched a comprehensive 3-year plan that is to transform 20 villages till 2015. Whle a series of issues appeared in the proceeding of this plan. It includes civilian resettlement and relocation compensation problems of the demolition. Among this problems, to remove piles of construction waste is an urgent problem.

China's traditional handling method of construction waste is to bury it away, in order to alleviate the situation. Foreign counties already have advanced technologies in the handling of construction waste. Some advanced enterprises in China has introduced advanced foreign technology. Combining with their innovative R&D, they have launched a device to the market for solid waste handling—the construction waste mobile crushing station. It has made great contributions to solve construction waste piling problem which exists in the city development process of Zhengzhou.

The healthy development of Zhengzhou city should not only keep healthy in economy but also maintain a "healthy" state in the environment. With the promoting of certain temperature and moisture, some organic matter of construction waste will decompose. It will produce harmful gases and seriously affects the air quality. Construction waste mobile crushing station also made a great contribution in improving the urban air quality of Zhengzhou.

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